On January 1, 2013, we will start a 365-day art adventure together that will change how we look at and see the world around us. Together we will learn not only about art, some of the best art supplies on the market, ourselves and each other, but we will also be creating a visual journal (half art, half scrapbook) that you will treasure for years to come.
Every day you will be greeted with a new topic to help get your creative juices flowing. There will be a special area to show off your work or see how someone else interpreted the idea that day. Along the way, you will also receive a weekly video. Some weeks there might be a product review and demo, other weeks we might have a guest artist with a special project. The possibilities are endless.
If you are new to art journaling, don’t worry. We will be working our way through this together, day by day, and there will be plenty of help here on the website to answer questions and help you if you get stuck.
If you’ve been journaling for years, come play with us, I’m sure you’ll be a great asset to those just getting started and you’ll learn something yourself along the way.

Best of all it’s FREE and never to late to start.


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