Day 31 – January review

IMG_0958 January Prompts in review

Prompt 31:  What was your favorite prompt this month?

Prompt 30: Work with pockets.

Prompt 29:  Try using a stamp on your page today.

Prompt 28:  Create a ink spot on your page, and see what magic is buried there.

Prompt 27: Look back over the last week at some of the life lessons you learned.  What do you think the most important one was?  Journal about it.

Prompt 26: Play with some old scrap papers, magazine pages, etc and see where it leads you.

Prompt 25:  Use 1 word that describers how you feel today.

Prompt 24: Canvas shape

Prompt 23: Try working with Collage

Prompt 22: Use photos in your page today.

Prompt 21: Use paper scraps

Prompt 20: Reflection, Think back over this last week and the pages you did. What was your favorite?  Did you learn something new? Did you learn that you don’t like working with a supply?

Prompt 19: Work with a product you’ve had for a long time and never got around to using.

Prompt 18: Use a photo you’ve taken in the last 2 weeks to inspire today layout.

Prompt 17: Alcohol Markers


Prompt 16:  Doodle words

Prompt 15: Think about what your special type of Art is and demonstrate that on your page today.

Prompt 14: Work with one of your backgrounds from yesterday.

Prompt 13: Try creating 4 more backgrounds.  Don’t think just spray, paint, etc. to your hearts content.

Prompt 12: Today work with pencils only.

Prompt 11:Today, take 5 min and think about a favorite quote or poem of yours. 

Prompt 10:Try working with a new medium, or an old one in a different way than you would normally.

Prompt 9:As you finish packing up your holiday decorations, find something in them that inspires you. It can be anything from a family heirloom to a card. Run with that inspiration for your layout today.

Prompt 8:Onomatopoeia

Today use an onomatopoeia as your inspiration.

For example: a bee goes buzz, or snap-crackle-pop

Prompt 7: Today everywhere you look the world is “Going Green”.  So today, in your journal do something to help the environment and “Go Green”

Prompt 6:Today, take a 5 min walk. (we can all find 5 min on the weekend).

When you get to the end of your walk, look around you and make something out of stuff right where you are.

Then leave it for someone else to find.

Can you imagine how happy it will make someone else?

How happy it made you.

(Be sure to snap a picture before you leave to add to your journal.)

Prompt 5: What’s your favorite animal?

 What animal inspires you the most?  DSC09201

Prompt 4: Now that we have a few pages with color on them, pick one that stands out to you, or one you really like. Only using the materials right around you create something small on that page.  If nothing else doodle your doodle, you know what I’m talking about… (the one you do when your on hold on the phone)

Prompt 3:Today, don’t spend but 15 mins working on your page.  Do the first thing that come to mind…after 15 mins  walk away (I mean it really walk away)

Prompt 2: What type of journal do you think you’ll be working in?

Prompt 1: The hardest part of anything we do is getting started.  So today, just add color to your pages.  Start with any color you like and just put color down.  You can even make rainbows if it makes you happy. Lets do about five pages today and let them dry.



  1. Sharon Hefner · January 31, 2013

    Spending only 15 minutes on a page. Also think I need to use pockets in scrapbooking. Enjoyed your tips for the month.

    • leavon · January 31, 2013

      Thanks so much and I’m glad your here.

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