Day 59

February Prompts in review

Prompt 59: Did you learn something new this month?  A new tip, a new supply or something new about yourself.

Prompt 58: Look outside, whats the first color you see? Use it as your main focus point today.

Prompt 57: Name one thing, that you can’t go a day without…

Prompt 56: If everything was to stop working tomorrow, what is the one thing you would miss most?

Prompt 55:  If you could live in any time that you wanted, past or future.  When would you want to live?

Prompt 54:  Today, after you put down four or five layers, stop and see what you can find in your art.

Prompt 53:  Do you have a favorite Childhood memory?

Prompt 52: Let finger paint…today, do your layout using only your fingers...

Prompt 51: Light your favorite candle, let the light and smell influence your Art

Prompt 50:  Today make your own background.  Take your favorite stamps arrange them in a collage form and stamp away.  What did your background come out like?

 Prompt 49:  Today, go through your old magazines and pull out the picture that speak to you and use them to create your journal page.

Prompt 48:  Think back over the past week.  What is one thing that really stands out?  No matter is its good or bad, journal about it. 

Prompt 47: Use a musical instrument on your layout

Prompt 46:  Use a Chipboard word or lettering

Prompt 45:  Use chipboard hearts today

Prompt 44:  Using chipboard, make a mosaic today

Prompt 43: Use chipboard as part of your focal point main image

Prompt 42:  Use chipboard in you layout today.

Prompt 41: Make a list of your top 10 art supplies, and using only the items on your list create today’s page.

Prompt 40: Try using a style you wouldn’t normally work with.  

Prompt 39:  Today use a game board theme as part of your page.  

Prompt 38:  Use packaging in your layout.

Prompt 37: Use an item you find in your local hardware store as inspiration.

Prompt 36: Take something from nature and use it as at least 1/2 of your main focus in you layout

Prompt 35: Use a paper napkin as part of your layout background

Prompt 34: Use something relating to the Super Bowl to help jump start today’s page

Prompt 33:  Use something in your 1st background layer and bring it to the front of all the layers in the end.

Prompt 32: Today, use paper flowers in your layout.


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