IGNITE – Day 69 March Prompts – week 2

Hi guys, I hope you all enjoyed last weeks prompts.  This week I want to try something new, I just learned.  So try to keep your doodling in mind as we work on our prompts this week. 

 (If you are working on these prompts everyday, it might be easier to work on one page all week, that way, you are only spending about 10 – 15 mins everyday and there isn’t as much pressure)

 Week 2 Theme – Old Magazines

(For ideas on this style, look up Teesha Moore images)

Prompt 69: Using old magazines, pull a picture out that really speaks to you, use it as the main theme for today’s page.  Then change the image by doodling on and around it.

Prompt 70: Animal – Today, add something from a animal to your layout.

(Maybe use a bird body as a human torso or a wing to make a clock fly.)

Prompt 71: Flower – Today, add something from a flower to your layout.

(In the picture above, I used a flower as the hat on the lady and then turned it into a butterfly.)

Prompt 72: Beach item –  Today, add something from the beach to your layout.

(Like a shell as a hat, or a bucket as a cake.)

Prompt 73: Human item –  (like eye glasses or)  Today, add something you use or wear everyday to your layout.

Prompt 74: Household item – (TV, towel, clock, a coffee cup)  Today, add something from your home to your layout.



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