Day 91


Last month, we tried something different, with the theme idea, and over all  I liked the flow it gave things. What did you think? So keeping with that idea, this months theme in honor of spring is New Growth.  Here is NC everything is starting to pop up with new life and I was thinking that with new life in nature, why shouldn’t there be new life is art. So if your ready to grow with me here are this weeks prompts.

Prompt 90: Today, journal something that represents your current season. (here in NC it’s spring, so I might rub pollen, a flower or fresh cut grass on my first layer)
Prompt 91: Pick one word to describe you and journal it.
Prompt 92: Make a list of all your insecurities. Then paint over them with a darker color and write on top the things you love about yourself.
Prompt 93: Journal somewhere out of your comfort zone. (Grab your journal and a handful of pen and go to a park, a mall or a local coffee shop. What’s the worst that can happen? Someone ask you what your doing?)
Prompt 94: Why do you keep an art journal? Journal about it.
Prompt 95: Journal through eyes that don’t see mistakes. For just ONE page don’t criticize yourself.
Prompt 96: Write a letter to yourself, five years ago.  What would you tell her?


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