Mondays Weekly Prompts

Tax week….I was thinking in honor or tax week, what are somethings I can do to help you save a little money. So here are my money saving tips:

  • Tax Day… Chick-fa-la is offering buy one get one free. Everything you order today, you can come back starting tomorrow and pick up the excite same things again for free.  (This offer is in NC, I don’t know about other states)
  • Another one is, KFC is offering 2 boneless pieces of chicken, 1 side and a biscut for $2.99.  The coupon is on line and this is going on everywhere for the next few weeks.
  • Free digital stamps is a blog that offers links to all kinds of free digital stamps all year long, with new one each week. Like this one from Free Vintage Digital Stamps

 free vintage printable - harlequin tobacco label

Prompt 110:  Try to colleague in only one color today.

Prompt 109:  What is something you miss from your childhood?

Prompt 108:  If you could change something about today, what would it be?

Prompt 107:  What is one thing your grateful for?

Prompt 106:  When was the last time you got something for free?  What was it?

Prompt 105:  Name three people who have affected your life today.

Prompt 104:  Clean out your purse/backpack/art bag/etc and use all the paper, plastic and metal things you find in one


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