Why do I bother ????

My inter critic

Have you ever had one of those days, when you wonder why do I bother?  Why do I wast my time day after day working so hard on my art when know one ever sees it? Who do I think I am, trying to teach someone else about art when I’m still learning myself?  I mean, I waste all this time, when I should be keeping a better house, doing laundry, spending it with my kids.  What about a job, I mean really…
Today is one of those days, when I find it hard to breath.  What am I teaching my kids? What about all the thing I’m keeping from my kids, spending money on something so stupid as art supplies and classes, instead of saving for there future.

I know all it takes is one…one person to hear me, one piece of art to sell, one class that someone signs up for, but will that one ever come? I don’t know, but if something doesn’t change soon, I’m afraid that my inter critic is going to win this one.


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