Mondays weekly prompts

Coyotes in Huntersville NC?
About two weeks ago, my husband and I were coming home after a trip to the store around dusk.  As we were driving in I saw a dog running down the street.  I didn’t think much about it at first, our neighborhood is full of dogs, and as we were getting out of the car, the dog came closer still running down the street…right as I start say, something about the dog, it passed not 5 feet behind the car.  It was at that moment, that we both looked at each others and realized that it was not just a dog, but a wild coyote.
Now, I grew up here and we spent a lot of time in the mountains of NC growing up, so at first, I really didn’t think to much about it.  Coyotes are wild and tend to not stay in one place to long, or so I though.
Last weekend, we heard them again, and so I told the kids to be home when the street lights come on, and told mom to not go out late with the dog, all the normal stuff…
Or so I thought, last night around 10:00 as she was taking the dog out for the last time, Toby went nuts barking…low and behold, the house was surrounded by coyotes, and they were in the yard at different spots looking for there next meal.
Coyotes weighing in around 40-60 pds   vs   Toby weighing in a 5.5 pds
OK, they didn’t get into a fight, but Toby was ready.  I know we stood outside on the porch listing to the Coyotes going back and forth calling out to each other as they moved closer and closer, staying out of the light the hole time.  There really smart, but they sound more like laughing hyenas.
Prompt 116: Think back to this week last year, what were you doing?  Where were you in your life?
Prompt 115: Have you found a new recipe this week?  Share it with us, and share it with the future by journaling about it today.
Prompt 114: Today, think back to when you were small and journal a favorite fairy tale.
Prompt 113: If you were stranded on an island, what is the one art supply you would want with you? Why?
Prompt 112: What is something new that has shown up in your art this week? Journal about it.
Prompt 111:  Earth Day… what is something you can do today to help the earths future?

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