29 Faces

29 faces
Here we go again… It’s that time of year again when I over book myself, and never seem to finish what I start.  But as crazy as that sounds, I’m excited to say today I join a group of ladies in a challenge called 29 Faces. Now, a few thing have changed since I did this challenge last year. My faces have improved, how much I’ll leave for you to decide.  The girls just started back to school and with 3 hours in-car pool everyday, I should have plenty of time.
Here’s the 411
The challenge is to draw 29 faces during the month of September. I think it will be good to practice drawing faces and they don’t have to be human faces. Animals are fine to, in fact anything you created yourself that fits the description “face”, works and if you don’t have time to finish one post it anyway, they all count.  So, grab your journal and join us on this adventure….

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