January Prompts

Happy New Year!

This years journal prompts are going to be ran, a little different. Last year, I tried to do a prompt a day.  That quickly became a full time job, and took the fun and freedom out of my journaling. However,  I really like the idea of a daily jumping off point,  so this year, I though why not give the  prompts on the first, so we could work on them at our leisure.  Another thing that changed this year,  there are only 15 prompts for January. That’s 1 for every other day of the month. I think by doing them this way, we’re not going to have to worry about falling behind and catching up.

 Less stress and more fun.

Isn’t that what its all about? I hope you’ll follow a long with me, as we journey in art, into lots of new supplies and a hopefully a little self discovery along the way.


January Prompts

  1. Use a pencil and scratch something in acrylic paint
  2. Start with a dark block of color and then write or draw something on top if it in a white or light pastel.
  3. Use something from a favorite movie in your art.  A color, a feeling, a scene.
  4. Use you scene of hearing today. What do you hear right now, right where you are.
  5. Use an app as your starting point.
  6. Look back over some old unfinished art work of yours and try finishing the piece or using it as your starting point for a new one.
  7. Go through your purse, and use old receipts, or list as your first layer.
  8. Go through your purse again, why do you carry what you do?
  9. Have you every noticed, that the weather or changing in the weather affect you?  How does it affect you.
  10. Use die-cuts in your layout.
  11. Look out your window, use something you see.
  12. Shoe something that symbols on of your goal for the year.
  13. Use a symbol from history or that means something special to you.
  14. Use a color that represents the weather today.
  15. Use a color that represents the way you feel today.

Bonus: If your town was gone tomorrow, what would you miss and why?


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