Here it is the last week in February and it’s hard to believe that spring is here in North Carolina already. Just last week we were out with the girls sledding for the first time, and today we have sunny 65 degree weather. The cardinals are singing, flowers are blooming, and the sky’s are clear. Only in North Carolina can the weather change so much is such little time.

This year I started back with my weekly videos and as of today, we are up to week 4. The new camera is working great, the picture is clearer and I’m really happy about that. However the technical stuff that goes with it sucks. It’s taken hours to get the videos just to upload to the computer for cropping, and another hour to upload to YouTube so I really need to figure out what’s going on there. But we’re up to 42 subscribers on YouTube and I’m really excited. I’m even playing with the idea of when we hit a hundred subscribers doing a giveaway of some sort. Just not sure what to give away yet, but it will be good.

I’ve also started some new classes I’m very excited about, and you should start seeing a lot of postings on all that soon. But for today, here is week 4 videos. I hope you enjoy.


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